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The input data present in the form of HDFS block, which when given as input to a mapper is called input split, i.e. the input splits are created from HDFS blocks.

The size of an input split >= HDFS block size

Even if the file size is less than block size say 30 MB. 64 MB of block will be allocated for that file and the size of input split will be 64 MB.Because, the default block size allocated for a file is 64 MB.

If we want to change the size of input split we need to change maximum split size value present in mapred-site.xml


   <value>100 MB </value>

let us consider a file of size 320 MB, then it is divided into 5 blocks each of 64 MB.  Now the no: of input splits will be 4 each of 100 MB as shown below: -

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