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There are three phases in Map Reduce: -

1) Mapper

2) Sort and Shuffle

3) Reducer

1) Mapper

The input data is first divided into no: of splits and each split is assigned to a mapper. In the above given example, there is a file which consists of three lines : -

  (i) Deer Bear River
  (ii) Car Car River
  (iii) Deer Car Bear

Now, to each line of the file, a byte offset value is assigned like 101010L, this byte offset value is the key and the line is the value. for example: 10101011L,Deer Bear River  

So, input is given to the mapper in the form of <key.value> pairs. Now the mapper divides the line into tokens i.e. the line: Deer Bear River is divided into three words which are considered as keys, value '1' is used for all these keys. So the output given by mapper is : -
 (i)   <Deer,1>
 (ii)  <Bear,1>
 (iii) <River,1>

The same process is repeated for the other two lines as follows: -

 (iv)  <Car,1>
 (v)   <Car,1>
 (vi)  <River,1>

(vii)  <Deer,1>
(viii) <Car,1>
(ix)   <Bear,1>

2) Sort and Shuffle

In this phase all the <key,value> pair inputs are arranged (sorted) in a proper order, in the example above they are arranged in the alphabetical order of the first letter of their keys as follows: -

(i)     <Bear,1>
(ii)    <Deer,1>
(iii)   <River,1>
(iv)   <Car,1>
(v)    <Car,1>
(vi)   <River,1>
(vii)  <Bear,1>
(viii) <Car,1>
(ix)   <Deer,1>

Now these <key,value> pairs are grouped or shuffled as follows: -

(i) <bear,1>

(ii) <Car,1>

(iii) <Deer,1>

(iv) <River,1>

And Now <key,list of values> is generated as output by Sort and Shuffle phase as follows; -

(i)   <bear,1,1>
(ii)  <Car,1,1,1>
(iii) <Deer,1,1>
(iv) <River,1,1>

3) Reducer

Now these <key,listof values> pairs are given as input to the reducer, which performs summation and gives the final output in the form of <key,value> pairs as follows: -

(i)   <bear,2>
(ii)  <Car,3>
(iii) <Deer,2>
(iv) <River,2>

Thus, in this way, word count job assigned by the client is completed by MapReduce component.

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